How to create a functional laundry

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We are yet to find someone that actually enjoys doing their laundry!

Unfortunately, it’s a regular task for every household and although we probably can’t help you find the joy in doing your laundry, we can help alleviate this task with simple ways to make this area of your home more effective and efficient. This could be some simple design changes, easy hardware inclusions, organisational tips or some aesthetic additions so you like the space a little bit more, let’s explore…

Bench Space

Plenty of bench space is a bonus when you’re sorting clothes or folding laundry. But a lack of bench space often results in clean laundry being relegated to the spare room, couch or even the kitchen table until you get time to fold and put it away. These tips may help so that you have the space you need to undertake tasks in the laundry:

  • Keep benches free from clutter and utilise the laundry cabinets to store items such as washing powder, cleaning goods and other bits. If space is limited, there is loads of great hardware to maximise small spaces such as the Alu-Line Vario H2 and the Alu-Line Vario H3.
  • If bench space is sparse, Spectra Lifestyle can create a custom sink cover to match the materials of your existing benchtop and turn the sink area into a temporary bench. This will provide you with more bench space as required to fold laundry. Once the task is completed, you can pop off the temporary sink cover and pop in the cupboard.

Floor Space

Keeping the floor clear can improve the functionality of the laundry as items will be organised and there will be more space to move around.

  • Utilise a handy ‘broom and mop holder’ that can be fixed to the wall to store these types of cleaning items. This will keep them off the floor and out of the way. Hafele has the individual Broomstick Holder or Hook Rails Chrome-plated and Hook Rails White for more than a few.
  • Many people have a clothes hanging rack in their laundry to dry particular laundry items. Consider installing a fixed hanging rack on the wall if you have room, that can be folded away when not in use. The Hailo Laundry Rack is a great option. You can also utilise the underside of overhead cabinets to fit a small hanging rack, this is also great for steaming clothes. You will be surprised at how this clever use of space can make laundry chores so much easier!
  • We generally place dirty clothing items in a hamper, bag or similar that is placed in a corner or on the floor of the laundry. To give you more room, consider a built in laundry hamper. If you have a larger area with a few cabinets, you can retrofit a laundry hamper to free up space and keep the room looking neat and tidy. Our supply partner, Hafele have an extensive range of hampers for laundries you can consider here: Laundry Essentials from Häfele Home – HAFELE HOME
  • Storing your ironing board away in cabinetry can create a seamless uncluttered look in the laundry and clears the floor space for moving around. There are several hardware options from Hafele you can check out here.

Storage Solutions

  • Use handy storage items such as containers and bags to store laundry and cleaning products and place them in a cupboard. There are some great storage solutions now at all of your big chain stores including Kmart, Big W and Target to name a few.
  • Regularly clean out your cupboards and get rid of items you don’t use. A good de-clutter and clean out will make you feel good and revitalise the room.
  • Often the laundry on a new home is completed with minimal budget and specifications, with the idea in mind it can be updated at a later stage. If your laundry is one of the many that has no overhead cabinets and / or open shelving, consider requesting a quote from us today. These simple add on will create so much more storage space.

If your laundry isn’t quite working for you, there are inexpensive solutions that can make your life easier. Simplifying this area of the time and making it more functional will be one of the best things you ever do. Contact Spectra Lifestyle today so we can brainstorm ways your laundry can work harder for you and not the other way around!

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