Let Spectra Lifestyle help you make your laundry a functional and calm space you’ll actually want to spend time in.

For a room that is often forgotten or left till last in renovations and new homes, the laundry is a hardworking room that is utilised most days and deserves significant thought.

At Spectra Lifestyle we the take the time to find out your laundry requirements, style, budget and timeline so we can help you to create a serene, stylish and practical space. No matter what the size, we can come up with smart designs that utilise advanced hardware to maximise storage and boost efficiency.

Let us help you to create a laundry so your household can run smoothly for years to come.

Founded in 1998, Spectra Lifestyle was established as Nathan’s Cabinets, a family owned and operated residential cabinetmaker. We pride ourselves in producing quality work every time.